Inspecting and Storing Ammunition

Learn the basics of reloading your own ammunition with one of the best in the business, Ultimate Reloader. In this video series, Gavin will take you through all the steps of reloading with some of our latest and greatest Frankford Arsenal products.

How Should I Inspect Complete Cartridges?

Doubling as a second level of quality control, inspecting your newly reloaded ammunition with the proper tools, like Frankford Arsenal's calipers, helps you make sure your cartridges are loaded safely and are ready for use.

How Should I Store Ammo?

After inspecting your reloaded cartridges, it's now time to properly store them. Ideally, you want to store your newly reloaded ammunition in a cool dry place with the proper storage container like Frankford Arsenal's Ammo Vault or Hinge-top Ammo Boxes, not somewhere like a shed or garage in a cardboard box.

The most important step in storing your ammunition is to make sure it is labeled in a consistent manner by using something like Frankford Arsenals Reloader Labels. You'll want to label your ammunition with information like the caliber, the bullet weight, the powder charge size and the type of powder used, the type of primer used, and finally, the overall length of the cartridge. These data points will allow you to easily document your loads out in the field to give you the information you need to go back to the reloading bench for the next cycle of reloads.

If you're looking for a reliable and safe storage solution for your ammunition, use the Frankford Arsenal Ammo Box Lookup Tool to find the right ammo box for your bullet caliber.